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Nuotta training ("Nuotta-valmennus") is aimed at young people aged 13 to 28 who need special support. The content, duration and aims are tailor-made with the young person and their immediate network. The training is used to strengthen the young person’s group skills and social interaction skills. The young person gets positive experiences of success and more self-confidence.

The training uses practical working methods, and those from experiential education. The training includes a range of activities, manual skills, conversations, time spent with others and planning of the young person’s immediate future. During the training, you can stay in the pleasant surroundings of Marttinen with your own group. Typically, training lasts 2 to 4 days.

Groups can enquire with the youth centres about the possibility of completing Nuotta training at the rate of €80/person/full board.

Inspiring Nuotta trainers

Nuotta training offers young people the chance to challenge themselves by trying new activities in which everyone tests their limits and takes responsibility for the activities. Participants strengthen their interaction skills, dare and are encouraged and participate in a range of activities and tasks. The task of the Nuotta trainer is to encourage, give positive feedback and help young people process the things they experience. This means the young people’s belief in their own abilities grows as they solve problems together and gain experience of success.

The training is planned based on the needs of the young people and the people who have referred them for the training. Young people are also engaged in influencing the content of the training

  • what kind of programme do they hope for?
  • what personal aims do they have?
  • what do they hope to receive from the group in which they are participating?

The content can always be adapted according to the group’s needs with account taken of the individual.

At the end of the training, we think about what was achieved and what the training gave the young person’s everyday life and plans for the future. Development plans are also always accepted with the aim of making services and their content more client-centred.

Nuotta- and workshopcoordinator
Timo Haaksluoto
p.+358 (0)3 485 1912

Page modified: 22 Feb 2022

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