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Green Key -certificate awarded for youth centre Marttinen 9.12.2022 and Sustainable Travel Finland -certificate 3.2.2023.

Green Key -certificate awarded for youth centre Marttinen 9.12.2022 and Sustainable Travel Finland -certificate 3.2.2023.
The Green Key jury gathered on 9.12.2022 to evaluate the application of Marttinen to become a member of Green Key and eventually was awarded with the certificate. Green Key is the worlds leading environmental certificate awarded for tourism operators, which also represents the quality of operations. Green Key is a sign of successful work in the field of sustainability and responsibility and the criteria matches with the demanding expecations of the customers and partners operating with tourism services. Visit Finland also awarded Marttinen with the Sustainable Travel Finland -certificate, which makes us one of the few in Pirkanmaa region with the certificate. We in Marttinen have been working a lot for sustainable development and environment, and thanks to the certificate, our work will be recognised much more in the future.

Sustainable travel finland

Sustainable Travel Finland certificate to Youth Centre Marttinen

Youth centre Marttinen has achieved the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate from Visit Finland. Marttinen has met the required criteria and therefore has gained access to the certificate as a proof of prestigious and important work with responsible tourism. Marttinen applied for the certificate in December 2022, which shows that the process went relatively fast, thanks to the Green Key certificate, which was acquired in December 2022 as well. Having a certificate like Green Key was also a criterion to be met to get the certificate. Other criteria had to be met, but having the Green Key already made the process much smoother. The STF-certificate enforces and proves even more our youth centre’s ability to act responsibly while being one of the very few in Pirkanmaa region that have the STF-certificate.

Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate to respond to the continuously changing demands in the tourism business and for it to develop responsibly. Therefore, Visit Finland offers a free STF-program for companies and destinations to gain the certificate. The program itself offers tools for development and the ones who pass will get the certificate, which is an indication for international customers as well about responsible tourism business. The ones that have the certificate will get support in responsible development, latest information, and marketing support from Visit Finland.

The program consists of 7 steps, which includes criteria such as: commitment, development of learning, a development plan, responsibility communication, certification/auditing, proof and measuring and continuous development. After going through these steps, the application is sent and once accepted, the certificate is achieved.

Youth Centre Marttinen have developed its operations sustainably and responsibly for several years. The Green Key and now the Sustainable Travel Finland certificates make this more visible to Marttinen’ s various customer groups and cooperation companies.

For Youth Centre Marttinen Sustainable Travel Finland certificate, like Green Key certificate, are an indication of high-quality work and, in addition, a really good tool, with which Marttinen offers its customers an even more responsible, high-quality, and environmentally friendly product and service, developing to the future.

More information:

Sales coordinator Elias Rossinen
p. +358 (0)44 715 1921,

Read more about Sustainable Travel Finland on Marttinen's website
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Green Key

Green Key is an international responsibility certificate awarded in the tourism field, and already for over 3700 businesses from over 60 countries worldwide. The criteria for the certificate is based on the goals of sustainable develoment set by the UN. To attain the certificate the requirements demand reducing emissions and pollution, adding social benefits and supporting local economies. The criteria of the certificate are practical and they pay attention to the characteristics of the tourism field.

Green Key is also a program for sustainability. The awarded businesses commit to the permanent development of their operations and must submit a continuation application annually for the jury. The program offers personal guidance, education and communication materials for the awarded operators. The quality of the operations are being validated with regular audits that take place where the business is located. The certificate is being awarded eventually by an external independent Green Key -jury. Green Key has been building sustainable tourism already since 1994.

Youth centre Marttinen has operated in accordance with its values, which has already matched with the requirements of the Green Key, and thanks to the application process has gained even more attention. Here in Marttinen, the application process begun in spring 2021. The process required commitment and expertise from the whole staff as the criteria demands actions in every aspect of the business. The criteria during 2022-2025 includes 13 aspects of sustainable operations: environmental management, training of the staff, customer communications, water, cleaning and householding, waste management, energy, foods, indoor spaces, green areas, community responsibility, recreational services and investments.

For youth centre Marttinen Green Key is an indication of succesful work that includes quality, but is also an important tool that allows Marttinen to offer its customers even more high quality and environmental friendly products and services. 

More information:

Instructor, Siina Leinikka
+358 (0)44 715 1925,

Head of youth services, Sanna Järvensivu
+358 (0)44 715 1926,

Read more about Green Key on Marttinen's website   
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