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Explore Marttinen Youth Centre virtually

Explore Marttinen Youth Centre virtually
Whether you´re coming for a visit to Marttinen for a camp, camp school, vacation or you are looking to arrange a meeting, conference, parties or educational events you now can explore our island as a whole beforehand simply with your mobile phone or computer screen.

We are looking to develop and simplify the planning and arrangements of camps, camp schools, celebrations and conferences. We also want to make it easier to attend the events held in Marttinen and add more information about the environment we are located in, and what kind of possibilities we have in the area.

Within our first phase of the virtual presentation we are now introducing our island with a summer-time theme. You can virtually see and explore for instance, our accommodation, environment, outside areas, inside spaces and even a few activites already. If you want to receive an offer for a school camp, conference, celebration or for accommodation for a family vacation, there are links available for those as well.

In addition, we are already planning an extended version of our virtual presentation which will include possibilities to explore our other activities, and the whole island in a winter setting, which allows a better experience for more detailed planning depending on the events specific date you are looking to arrange.

The partner of the virtual presentation was Mikko Syrjänen, Flycam Oy from Tampere, Finland.

Explore Marttinen virtually.

Page modified: 13 May 2024

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