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Youth workers peer support days in Marttinen

Youth workers peer support days in Marttinen
Usually it’s young people who are in the center of youth workers’ attention. However, it’s equally important to give space to youth workers themselves to rest and reflect a little. Youth workers’ peer support days in Marttinen in beginning of December offered this space.

The concept of having an event that would offer youth workers a space for addressing their needs has been in our minds for longer time and we are very happy that on 4-5.12.2019, we could host the first Youth workers peer support days in the Pirkanmaa region.

Feelings and reflection in the centre of attention

On the first day, psychotherapist and special education teacher Kaisa Pietilä focused on the topic of our own feelings and emotions and reflection in youth work. Kaisa’s session opened the question of how do we connect to our own feelings and emotions, how we are aware of them, how we validate them and what our coping mechanisms are. In the centre of the session was the topic or reflection in youth work − in what stages of our work we can use it and how we can develop the reflexivity more in order to make respectful actions and choices .

The next session focused on the Daniel Ofman’s concept of core qualities that helps to identify the strengths of individual. Through this concept, we were invited to identify our own strengths together with the shadow sides and challenges these qualities bring.

The day was closed in a traditional Finnish way with non-formal sauna evening.

How to keep your head together

The last day of the event was dedicated to the topic of stress. Workplace well-being psychologist Anna Lohman had a powerful session about managing stress and working roles and approaches and tools to work with stress. We got the space to reflect on how important the work is in our life and made an exercise focused on what demands and expectations the different groups have from in our working reality (and added to this, there are also expectations and demands from our family, friends as well as from ourselves). The final message of Anna’s session was that we should pay attention to how much we give and how much we receive, be careful with our own resources and energies and reflect before committing to something.

More youth workers’ days to come 

This has been the first edition of the youth workers’ days in Marttinen but definitely not the last one. Seeing the importance of bringing the community of youth workers together and receiving a positive feedback on this pilot event, we are already thinking about next edition next year probably in spring months.

And you can be part of it too. Stay tuned and follow Marttinen facebook or Instagram for more information about upcoming events in Marttinen.

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