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Do good with your meeting

Do good with your meeting
Youth centers are non-profit organizations, whose possible profit goes for the benefit of youngsters and with the profits we are able to arrange many different kinds of activities and camps for them. Youth centres offer spaces and accommodations for big events that include over a hundred people.

You can also book many kinds of different activities that are suitable from babies to elders such as saunas, facilities for dancing, campfire spots, accommodations, cottages, and lunch for different sizes of groups all year around here at Marttinen. For companies and other societies youth centre is great for ‘’ kick -off’s ‘’ or meetings.  Many of the youth centres are able to accommodate single travellers all year around so that even the travellers who travel alone are able to support the youth in action.  

Our goals are;

  1. Promotes youth participation and empowerment and the ability and capacity to function in society

  2. Support youth growth, independence, community, and related learning of skills and knowledge

  3. Supporting youth activities and activities in civil society

  4. Promote equality and equality for young people and the exercise of their rights

  5. Improves young people's growth and living conditions.

We are international! We constantly promote new international cooperation in our region.  Our main goal is to help the local kids find their path to the internationality. We offer language courses,  you can get a chance to be an exchange student, you can be part of different kinds of events and you can also be a voluntary worker. 

Marttinen is popular for the great capacity in offering different kinds of facilities for meetings and etc. You can arrange meetings & seminars, family reunions, class reunions, weddings, birthdays, company celebrations, graduations and other occasions according to your needs. Booking different kinds of meetings is easy because everything is under one roof so with only one call or through our website  you can arrange and book your meetings and other occasions easily. Besides the main building in Marttinen, it is possible to arrange meetings in The Old Vicarage, Antintalo which is the only place in Marttinen with the license of serving alcohol, Vihta - Sauna and Community hall. And also you can find nice grounds to spend your evening is in the hut or barbeque hut. Through the Marttise’s kitchen it is possible to arrange outdoor meals that are prepared in the nature by our chefs, sauna evening snacks in connection with social evening and dashing celebration dining in The Old Vicarage.  

Conference and celebration service

Pirjo Ilvespakka
p.+358 (0)3 485 1921

Page modified: 13 May 2024

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