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Conferences and celebrations

Workplace wellbeing with Marttinen

How are you? Bring your colleagues or your personnel with you and take the time to the wellbeing! Healthy entrepreneur and personnel are a company’s most important resource. Wellbeing at work affects an organisation’s competitiveness, financial results and reputation.

Organise a memorable company retreat day with pre-made packages with various themes for different kinds of groups designed by a professional instructor. The packages also include material for independent activities. The event can also be tailor-made to meet your wishes.

The company retreat day can also include the group’s own programme, such as a personnel meeting or a planning day. If you would like to stay for a longer time, we recommend spending a social evening in the Marttinen Old Vicarage or in the Vihta Sauna or enjoying a tasty dinner in the Antintalo House restaurant which opens on request. After the social night, you can book accommodation in the pleasant log cabins.


Company retreat packages

Improve your group’s team spirit by spending a company retreat day at Marttinen! We have a wide range of company retreat packages both for groups that are looking for peaceful relaxation and for more adventurous groups.

The company retreat day can be combined with a relaxed social evening and event programme, and you can spend the night conveniently in our accommodation facilities. You can include your own programme or a conference, for example, in the packages.


Conference and celebrations service

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