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Sustainable Travel Finland

Youth centre Marttinen has achieved the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate from Visit Finland. Marttinen has met the required criteria and therefore has gained access to the certificate as a proof of prestigious and important work with responsible tourism. Marttinen applied for the certificate in December 2022, which shows that the process went relatively fast, thanks to the Green Key certificate, which was acquired in December 2022 as well. Having a certificate like Green Key was also a criterion to be met to get the certificate. Other criteria had to be met, but having the Green Key already made the process much smoother. The STF-certificate enforces and proves even more our youth centre’s ability to act responsibly while being one of the very few in Pirkanmaa region that have the STF-certificate.

Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate to respond to the continuously changing demands in the tourism business and for it to develop responsibly. Therefore, Visit Finland offers a free STF-program for companies and destinations to gain the certificate. The program itself offers tools for development and the ones who pass will get the certificate, which is an indication for international customers as well about responsible tourism business. The ones that have the certificate will get support in responsible development, latest information, and marketing support from Visit Finland.

The program consists of 7 steps, which includes criteria such as: commitment, development of learning, a development plan, responsibility communication, certification/auditing, proof and measuring and continuous development. After going through these steps, the application is sent and once accepted, the certificate is achieved.

Youth Centre Marttinen have developed its operations sustainably and responsibly for several years. The Green Key and now the Sustainable Travel Finland certificates make this more visible to Marttinen’ s various customer groups and cooperation companies.

For Youth Centre Marttinen Sustainable Travel Finland certificate, like Green Key certificate, are an indication of high-quality work and, in addition, a really good tool, with which Marttinen offers its customers an even more responsible, high-quality, and environmentally friendly product and service, developing to the future.

More information:

Sales coordinator Elias Rossinen
p. +358 (0)44 715 1921,

Read more about sustainable travel destinations in Finland on Visit Finland website

Page modified: 10 Feb 2023

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